Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aaron releases new song "Your happiness is enough" 你幸福就好

Aaron Yan has returned with a new song, named Your happiness is enough or ni xing fu jiu hao. The song is has returned to his original style of soft ballads and today in taiwan Hit Fm released the full version of the song. 
It will be used in Jasper Liu's upcoming drama, my ghost boyfriend [rough trans, i am unsure of the drama's english name.] in the drama the love story of three individuals will be uncovered, as Jasper's character loses his life and must rely on another man's help to communicate with his girlfriend I am supposing according to the trailers I've seen.

Aaron's song is featured in the dramas trailers and is said to either be the ending theme song or a insert song for the drama. 
The link below is a news coverage over how Aaron singing the theme song has already made this drama the second hottest gossip topic all over weibo. Everyone is continually reposting anticipating this song, and this drama. Personally I am more excited for this song, as its been a year since Aaron released a new song but the script of this drama also looks pleasing and a TW is always nice to enjoy :D

give it a listen and give it a watch :D


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