Monday, September 21, 2015

Jiro Wang took home 3 awards from HK awards show

Jiro Wang showed up for Hong Kong's award night, with only an intention of presenting awards but he was surprised by taking home three great awards to his delight. He was excited to say that he did not expect such a great surprise, the artist took home:
1. "Asia Artist Award"
2. "Asia Most Capable Expansion Award"
3. "Bloody Doll's theme song Personal Castle (專屬城堡) no.1 on the charts over 20Weeks"

All awards were very well earned Jiro ! You did amazing, fans routing for you from afar~!!

He didn't forget to take some fun selfies with other friends/celebs while he was present! Above is Jiro and Gem Tang (a HK artist who recently acclaim new popularity with her hit single "bubble").

Below Jiro took a selfie with Xin, the no.1 Rocker of Taiwan and an individual Jiro very much looks up to.  (He is also an artist in Jiro's old record label H.I.M)
Jiro didn't miss a chance to take a photo with SuperJunior's Zhou Mi also! He too released an album recently, the two are close friends along with Calvin Chen who co-acting with Zhou in the drama "When Love Walks In". 

Congrats again Jiro!!! yay!!!

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  1. So I noticed in his recent pics he seems to have gotten a tattoo on his chest and possibly another on his arm?

    1. Those are all temporary (for cosplay/or for endorsements), Jiro doesn't have any tattoos on his body only Chun does. -xm-