Saturday, September 12, 2015

Aaron Yan makes appearance for HIGH LOVE 5K Run (08-22-2015) - "Fresh Meat?"

On August 22,2015 Aaron Yan made an appearance to support the HIGH LOVE 5K run in mainland China. 
Upon his appearance though it was visible his ankle had yet to fully heal, he injured himself previously while playing basketball with his friends. He appeared in a prior exercise rally with his ankle wrapped up and obviously sprained but during the 5K Aaron did manage to stand up and climb the top of the stage with help of the staff. 

Aaron Yan's appearance revved up the competition, as he spoke to the contestants and also explained how important exercising can be to ones lifestyle. 

In the interview the media also took the opportunity to ask Aaron if he had been watching all the new idols that are being born or as the Chinese/Taiwan media are calling them "Fresh Meat", (some examples: Taiwan's Boyband SpeXial, China's TFboys, and other actors that are rising stars in these past few years). 
Aaron only laughed at this remarking question, and said = "There is so much meat."
He also added in, "I am not worried about the fresh meat but rather the quality of the meat's decisions, in other words how they will expand in the future will depend on their decisions and how they face each obstacles to come to them."

To sum it up Aaron is less than worried about all the new competition as he himself, started in the industries in his 20s' and knows that many things in this industry can change a person and that is what has made him who he is today. 

Regardless, Exercise and Eat Right! Aaron has done it so will all of us (after I go have some cookies... *runs)


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