Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Calvin Chen FB reacts to fans- Joanna Ceng replies

When a fan writes their idol, most of them will never know if their idol ever read their notes or letters. That is not the case if you are a fan of Calvin Chen, because he made sure that everyone is 100% that he does read all the letters even those from his beloved younger fans. 

Its been a while since those Fahrenheit days when little fans showed up during their fansmeeting, and most of us like everyone has grown older with our boys. But this fan is just too lucky.

Calvin replied to this little kiddo:
Thank You, I will do my best to live strong and healthy to 100 years. 

The fans letter reads: (rough translation)
Big Brother Calvin,
Have you been well? 
I watch your dramas. I really liked X-Family and Ko-One series. Today being able to write to you I am very happy. I hope you will live a long and healthy life. 
Student Ni Ma.

Joanna Ceng, who also saw this post replied to Calvin:

So cute, this little kid. I shall also bless you to live a long and healthy life! 


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