Thursday, November 19, 2015

Aaron Yan "Happy Birthday" [ I am just normal post]

[Aaron Yan FB post up]

"Thank You all, on such a normal day giving me, such a normal/original person so many extra-ordianry blessings/wishes."

He is basically trying to tell us, he isn't any different from anyone but he is still thankful we give him such love and blessing, this is Aaron though. 

He doesn't ask for much, but works super hard for all that he can get.
He won't seek for help, but is grateful for any that he receives.
He talks very directly, but this way he can get his thoughts to everyone.
He doesn't hide who he is, and who he is that is what all his puddings LOVE.

Aaron is also doing a special event, he will be live on his Facebook Live- at 6pm Taiwan time. IF you are in the United States that will be 4am, some times fans record but this is a once in a lifetime chance to follow him around haha * enjoy your time everyone.

Happy Birthday once again to the boy turned man today (30!!! can anyone believe it he is 30@.@)
Watch the live video w/eng subs credit to dearaaronyan.tmblr😃 

A fan from Singapore managed to contact fans from all over and created a sing to "Aaron Yan- Loving you song" event (the song was written by puddings originally) where we joined! Have a watch, was very touching to see so many fans! 


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