Thursday, September 17, 2015

Calvin Chen- Weibo Fans Break 2 million followers!- EXCITING PHOTO RELEASED

Leave it to Calvin Chen, to scare his fans half to death with such a taunting photo! If last times photo of FrankenCalvin didn't get to you ... how about an almost Calvin Klein model photo of him only in jeans and his Klein brief's showing do for you???

Still not, enough okay throw in his abs and newly toned biceps! *laughs* He uploaded this to thank his fans on sina weibo for his breaking of 2,000,000 followers! I mean that is worth celebrating too! haha but man~!!!!

"Yesterday my weibo followers number broke 2,000,000, no matter if it was all of you who have always supported me or those of you who only silently care for me I have put all of your efforts and thoughts to heart. Life has ups and downs but nothing has put me down that is because I am a man like steel! Nothing can beat us unless we give up by ourselves! Thank you to all of you who have followed and shared everything with me. "

昨天我的微博人數破200萬人了,一直以來,不管是大力支持我的你,或是默默關心我的妳,我都懷著感恩的心,人生有高有低,但是沒有什麼是打的倒我的,因為我是鋼鐵般的男人!Nothing can beat us unless we give up by ourselves!謝謝你們一直以來的陪伴與分享.

Calvin Chen, we love you!