Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 MILK AWARDS- Aaron Yan is the big winner of the night!!!



Ms. Milk:蔡詩芸 {Ms. MILK CAI SHI YUN}
年度風尚人物:炎亞綸 [Fashion Idol of the Year Aaron Yan]
年度最佳演員:謝欣穎 [Best Actress Nicki Xie]
年度潮流藝人:黃鴻升 [Popular Design Idol Alien Huang Xiao Gui]
年度風格新星:周興哲 [Most Styish Newcomer Eric Chou]
年度人氣團體:Popu Lady [Most popular band PopuLady]
年度聚焦人物:安心亞 [Hottest News of the Year Amber An Xin ya]
最吸睛封面人物:李唯楓 [Most attractive cover model  Coke Li Wei Feng]

MILK AWARDS came and went by like nothing, but the MILK t-shirt idol party was booming as Artist like Aaron Yan, PopuLady, Amber An, Modi, Joana Ceng, and Coke Li showed up for a night of fun with music and fashion lovers all over Taiwan. 

The awards of the night were handed out and (see above for results) Aaron Yan stole the night by taking home double trophies. When interviewed though, the young artist didn't show his fashionable side rather he took a different approach sending out a sweet smile and posing cute for the cameras. He even joked about how 7-8 years ago, our hairstyles were frozen and didn't move as boybands had a desinated look, but today I did a more bouncy and free style look. when questioned about what his thoughts were on fashion and what is in he stated "its about being yourself, Fashion is an attitude. Keeping your personality and letting it shine that's important."

MILK AWARD 2015, opening act was Amber An, and later followed by many others such as best newcomer Eric Chou, popular group PopuLady and even Coke Li performed. Aaron mostly rocked along with the crowd having his own party :D


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