Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wu Chun expresses Fan Bing Bing said its okay to really hit her!?!

Wu Chun and Fan Bing Bing's big screen hit "Lady of the Dynasty" has been airing since 07-30 and so far has ranked up some nice reviews.
When talked to during an interview though, Chun happily expressed how when he heard he was going to be working with Fan Bing Bing he was very happy and very excited for those 10secs of a heartbeat. In previous interviews many mentioned how his wife felt on the scenerio and he replied he is a husband and an actor but his job is only a job trust was everything in these situations.

Chun also quoted Fan on how she is a very professional actress as there was scenes where the two had to fight, and Fan told him to really hit her.

Fan lauged at this remarke and stated, "Its better for him to really hit me, and not have him act like he did, its just not very realistic and also that means a scene that can be done in 1 or 2 takes will take about 10 takes." 
She stated that it is due to Chun being so polite that she knew he wouldn't dare to really hit her on the first try. 

Everyone support LADY OF THE DYNASTY!


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