Sunday, September 13, 2015

S.H.E 14yr anniversary sports event- TEAM Selina& Aaron Yan

That's right its been 14 years for Taiwan's phenomenal girlband S.H.E, the girls or shall I say ladies came together this year with something a little more special and meaningful to them and all those around them.
S.H.E being the senior H.I.M artist they are decided instead of a concert or party something so original why not compete on something of a different their athletic abilities?! S.H.E took up a Gymnasium and with a ticketed entrance fee all fans were able to rush in and root on their favorite teams.
All the fundings from that day went to charities to promote healthier lifestyles and other beneficial events.

The ladies took up 3 colors, PINK (Selina), GREEN (Hebe), BLUE (Ella). The competition was up and they went from sisters to rivals (not really but like in a tense haha)
The team captains also chose from their companies their co-captains;
Selina chose her good friend Aaron Yan! Who'm previously also made a guest appearance in her MV for her album 3.1415.
Hebe chose her beloved junior girlband's leader PopuLady's Da Yuan! If you've watched anything with Hebe and PopuLady then you'd see Hebe absolutely adored PopuLady:)
Ella of course chose her good friend Yoga Lin! He has just came back from this military time, and Ella having the best physique and excelling in all exercising activities proudly announced she would win regardless.
I personally rooted for the pink team haha, I mean I absolutely love S.H.E but Selina has always been my favorite. Her spirit to never give up even after all her injuries really brings tears to my eyes *of happiness of course. And plus, haha Fahrenheit's Aaron was her co-captain. (Xm's other bias Yu Shan of PopuLady was also on their team so I mean i'm for PINK)

The three groups also did a lot of agility obstacle course type games, like 3-legged races, popping the ballon after a twirl and 2ppl jump roping. 
Selina and Aaron did this very cute hop and run 3-legg race, they sorta pranced I guess if you looked closely haha.

I think all the groups were adorable during the day of the actual event. 
Yoga and Ella had great running spirit; Hebe and DaYuan were also flying to the finish.

During the group photo shoot the group happily showed their team spirit. Ella asked Hebe to do the hand stance and Selina laughing decided to put her foot on top of Ella as a sign of conquer. And Dayuan did her signature bubbly smile, Aaron showed off those well built muscle and Yoga, well haha he was Yoga. 

The two did goof around and shoved eachother and both have been working hard on their new look (muscles) but I mean come on when all the ladies join no one was watching them any more (laughs).

All the H.I.M Staff were apart of this event, and even the host were people in the company. It is a great representation of team work and all the fans enjoyed watching their celebrities goof off and enjoy themselves. 
S.H.E also ended the ceremony with a gracious line of songs (New Genesis, Magic, We were once young, Tomorrow Tomorrow, Happy Birthday) , and Hebe even did a well special very of Miao Xiao (insignificant) in her basketball hat uniform. 




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