Saturday, April 19, 2014

Aaron Yan updates Instagram

We all should know by now, Aaron has this funny issue many people also share. Its that once you start playing around with new sites and new social medias you get attached and keep it going at a good rate.

Back in 2010 he had it really bad an uploaded over 99 post on weibo!!! And  previously he has been very diligently loading a lot onto Facebook, regardless if it was for fun or for his own emotions. Well now, he is on instagram so sure enough he has been doing very good at loading new photos daily haha! 
On another note though, he does upload just as much as Jiro does too! The two are photo addicts no question about it haha <3 

"Can you guys guess what I am doing today??" 
-Aaron Yan

"Minion and Iron Man?!" 
-Aaron Yan 

On a personal note, i think the minion-ironman is absolutely adorable!!! ^^



  1. what is his instagram account? c:

    1. Sorry! I just now say this!
      His instagram account is: aayan1120
      -admin xm