Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo ep1 rant & theme songs

EP2 Preview&EP1 BTS (ending theme included)

Opening Theme is called 1/2, (er fen zhi yi) or one out of two

Ending Theme is called This is not me (Zhe Bu Shi Wo)

Ep.1 was very pleasing on a personal note, there are many parts that can be put into the comedy section also the story itself is quite unique and in a way it seems that Lu Tian Xin and Tao Le Si are connected by fate almost. But of course I'll try not to spoil too much, because I want everyone to enjoy the drama themselves.
I really enjoy watching all the characters, and Aaron did great playing two very different characters. It is easy to see the difference between Xiao Lu and Lu Tian Xin not just by attire but literally by their characters personalities but overall the favorite aspects is that you can not forget to always think about the reason behind why Tian Xin becomes Xiao Lu, and how Tao Le Si and Xiao Lu can communication so easily but Tao Le Si hates Tian Xin regardlessly.

Well the opening theme and ending theme are both amazing songs, they were worth the wait, and the promotion song from all the trailers does become an insert but also i caught the use of Popu-Lady's song Melted "Rong Hua Le" in the insert also. I'm guessing H.I.M finally got to package all the soundtracks!

Enjoy watching the above clips!


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