Friday, April 18, 2014

Jiro & Aaron's Workout Craze

Jiro Wang isn't alone now with his craze over working out still going on, he works out almost everyday and at least 3hours or 5 days a week regardless of work. For a normal person this type or perseverance is hard but since he has gone through the assistance of Coach Chun ^^ and his passion for a masculine look always pulls him through.
The artist has never been shy of showing off his well built interior ☺☺☺
But regardless, Jiro fans on instgram still make funny comments like Jiro~ now how am I supposed to sleep or blowing hearts at his hard efforts. 
Jiro though isn't alone in his passion of
working out for a nice new look, because even the youngest of Fahrenheit has joined in.
Always seen as the little brother of Fahrenheit , he never worked out to a larger scale like Jiro, Chun or Calvin but little brother is growing up and for his new drama and wanting to be healthier he has spent everyday morning or night in the gym.
Aaron has been blowing up his Fb/IG feeds with his efforts to working towards this new masculine look. 
Him along side Jiro have always had a hard time throwing away the Pretty-Boy look and name but below that name they are both working towards a new "Manly"and  "Healthy" look. 
Aaron unlike Jiro and Calvin doesn't have that confidence to only take photo of his new fit figure to post online, so allow me to just recap the shower scene of "Fall in love with me" 

Live Healthy, Live Happy, Live Strong!!!


  1. lol, go gym instructor chun! calvin also released a topless pick of himself (six pack!) seems like their da ge taught em all nicely. even aaron ;D

    1. Agreed! I also uploaded the photo of Calvin afterwards making wanting to wait longer maybe I can just put all the photos together haha

      admin xm