Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo Pressmeeting

The big day is nearing and this couple is one of the top drama anticipation on the list now!
SETTV and TTV will both be airing "Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo" - Falling in love with me; but thanks to TTV open schedule they will start the first episode broadcasting this week!
April 6, and have a rerun of the episode the following week when SETTV premieres the first episode.

During the meeting a limited number of 100 fans were allowed in to watch the first full teaser that consisted of all the other teasers and also a recap of the big scene, where Tia sees Aaron taking a shower.
The heated topics of the drama conclude Aaron leaving behind his idol baggage and taking on fans favorite new character Xiao Lu, and Tia leaving behind her goddess name and becoming the stubborn hard headed Tao Le Si! 
So much anticipating , also they have gone onto continual shows recently- and it is clearly seen that the two's chemistry is building which is great for the drama.
Aaron has even started calling Tia as A-Fen in Taiwanese, which is a nickname coming from her name Li Yu Fen. The two also are always chit chatting in a funny taiwan dialect, which Tia at one point and time stated wasn't very goddess like of her but Aaron seems to bring that fun side of her out easily.
Aaron even jokily said that Tia is someone who warms up slowly but she will accommodate to anything so it's always fun with these two around!


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