Friday, April 18, 2014

BeiJing- Jiro meets Chun!!

How do you tell a brotherhood can't be broken? Easy, when one becomes a father and the other one happily says "Daddy is back!"

Jiro ran into Chun in the previous days in Beijing while making an appearance for Beijing's Movies Night Festivals. 
Jiro happily uploaded photos of Chun onto his instagram and weibo to share that Daddy Chun is back!!
And honestly you can't lie that a relation is still close when you have two grown men over 30 making these kinds of faces for photos haha^^
And knowing Jiro he probably has many more in his stash of photos but he only loaded these two haha ^^
It may have been some time before meeting again but these two have both gone a long ways in their mainland china career. Maybe one day we'll witness them together on stage!

;) to brotherhood keeps friends close!


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