Monday, April 21, 2014

Chun takes part in "Daddy is back" Mainland Show

4/24 is starts broadcasting, the newest hottest shows allowing daddy's to live up to their names as the "best daddy" and showing the world their precious darlings. 
   Wu Chun was asked by many fans after the news of him having been married and having children broke out, he had not at the time replied anyone about whether or not he would participate. 
After some time though, I finally found that he did sign on to do the show. The best thing about this show is that nothing is staged it is all real life and just a camera following the daddy's around in their everyday lives with their darlings <3 

  "Daddy is Back" recently gained high popularity so seeing Wu Chun on this show will for one make a lot of fans very happy because who doesn't adore seeing their idol behind the scenes being nobody but themselves, and two lets not forget how adorable Wu Chun can be when with children!!! 
   Chun is put under the name "Quan Neng Ba Bi" meaning a father of all capabilities, and he is also known as the "Xing Nan Ba Bi" meaning the Gentlemen Daddy. 
Both equally evaluate who is, the show opens by giving quick evaluations to understand each father's status, Wu's being a CEO of FZ, Actor, Former BoyBand Memeber of Fahrenheit, Coming from Brunei with Chinese decent, and also earning the youngest no.1 entrepreneur award in '08!!! 
He acts, sings, is a model, businessman and is a great Daddy!!!  

Let's all anticipate WuChun and NeiNei <3 His daughter looks so adorable already!!!


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  1. nei nei is adorbs~~~~ i can't wait to see this show xD