Friday, April 18, 2014

Jiro Wang “Broadcasting Girlfriend" movie trailer released

My Broadcasting Girlfriend TRAILER

The above link will link to Jiro Wang's new movie showing on 5/20/2014 starring Jiro Wang and Qi Wei.
The two are taking this humorous and touching little love story to the screen, and the first teaser itself brings out just enough humor to wanna make everyone buy tickets now!!!

QiWei acts as Zhang Le Le and Jiro Wang as Bai Liang, a simple college love story between a beautiful girl who is like a rose with thorns, because besides her unarguable beauty and intelligence she doesn't lack anything but she has a strong attitude that came with a very strong and able mouth. (meaning she can be very direct)
Bai Liang who is a tall, cute and very kind boy comes along and he two adds onto the list of many men trying to get Zhang Le Le's heart. He whom is like a santa claus on the exterior but a little ruffian on the interior claims that he can see through Zhang LeLe's strong character and that she just needs someone to protect and love her because he believes on the inside she has a soft heart.

A strong personality girl and a little ruffian of a boy, a classic love story, and an ending to anticipate.

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