Friday, April 11, 2014

Calvin Chen& Jiro Wang both go into recording

Calvin Chen uploaded a photo with the message: Guess what this is??

Calvin is back into recording is everyones number one guess. With high hopes of him releasing his solo albums soon many fans are holding onto great anticipation!! Calvin released two songs onto his drama "Love Touch" with DouHuaMei (CaiHuangRu); and in his Singapore first movie with Jae Liew and Xander Lee of U-Kiss he came out again with the song You&Me. All the songs have proven Calvin's vocals has improved since the Fahrenheit days and hopefully we can all enjoy more in the future.

Jiro Wang upload a photo of the music studio he was in onto instagram. He only loaded 🎶🎧🎼🎤 like music symbols in his status but it surely means if anything the artist has started working on his new album to be released this year. Unlike his previous work "What are you waiting for" Jiro has announced since new years he has been working hard on this album and also working on shootings for his countless acting opportunities he has received. Regardless, my anticipation is as high as anybody's and hopefully his inner rocker blows everyone away. 


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  1. wooohooooooooo!!!! CALVIN SOLO ALBUM :DDDD AND JIRO! and i think aaron will too. im sho happy!!!