Friday, April 18, 2014

Jiro Wang love for SKULLS?!

AppleDaily News did a news coverage over Jiro Wang's little hobby and love of collecting SKULLS?! 
Jiro is known for his inner rocker but has anyone ever notices he has a real passion for skulls?! He openly admitted that the hobby started in High School when he felt that Skulls give off a really cool and rocker aura~^^! But to Jiro's mom it isn't all just cool collecting~ He told AppleDaily about how once hismom accidentally   touched one of his skulls in the dark late at night and started to scream in fear! 
Jiro says he did feel bad but regardless his mom is still very understanding of him and his hobby. But she wasn't always the happiest when she found out how much he spends on his collection.
When asked about what he cherishes most or rather what has the most memorable meaning to him he took a while to look around, choosing his purple skull backpack which he claims is priceless to him, but then he pulls out the shoes he had especially engraved worth skulls designs and he has never worn. Finally all jokes aside he pulled out a scarf and said its not the most expensive but it is from someone special someone i will not say who it is, just my most cherish piece. 

The above photos are only 1/5 of all his collection. There is also his skull helmet which he wears and has fun with because people look at him but never know its him, and his skull boxers which his mom also states that does he fee more handsome with them, Jiro only says its all a passion.


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