Saturday, April 12, 2014

Aaron Yan's Gaze Leaves Tia almost cross eyed

Episode 2 HIGHLIGHT !!!!

Tia and Aaron move up with the chemistry in episode 2, where Xiao Lu is Tao Le Si's new best friend and savior of Oz. Lu Tian Xin uses his cruel words to anger her every time they meet, but little does she know in the background he is too assisting her in every way he can. Of course its time that the love spirit is in the Air.

In one scene Tao Le Si gets caught onto Tian Xin's watch and as he closes in to loosen it, Tao Le Si is lost in gaze.

Bts though Tia happily stated that its hard not to actually get lost in his eyes, Aaron said that all day he knew he would have p break the ice with Tia, so the two stayed close conversing and when it came to the actual shooting, it was a once was good. Tia said afterwards that he was so close I didn't dare to even breathe, I almost went cross eyed! 


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