Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Calvin Chen Goes to Brunei

A few days ago Calvin uploaded this photo onto Facebook with the comment stating "Guess where I am?" 
Many fans guessed many different places but majority of fans stated "Brunei!" 
But then the question was~ ^^ why did he suddenly go to Brunei? 
Quite honestly the answer was simple after he uploaded the second photo today. 

In today's Facebook update he stated "Hey Bro~ Thanks for letting me drive your lambo. And also NeiNei~ was adorable." 
As the two have been known as The Wife&The Husband of Fahrenheit before many fans made the remark that Calvin went to find his husband (WuZun) !!!

Obviously though the child lover, and good friend went to have a quick vacation in Brunei. After all it isn't his first time visiting the country and it doesn't appear like it'll be a last :) 


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  1. lol i guessed brunei too ^_^ love their friendship!!!