Saturday, April 19, 2014

Xiao Bing Bing joins "Fall in Love With Me"

The crew is now adding a few more members for the next episode of "Fall in Love with Me" !!! 
After ep1&2 great ratings ep3, cant lose by much especially now that we have added Xiao Bing Bing to the crew. Whom is actually Xiao Xiao Bing's Father.

Mini Bing is actually Xiao Xiao Bing's younger brother who has also followed in his father and brothers footsteps and walked into the starlight too. 
Also it just happens the actress playing Auntie Jing, whom Tao Le Si is trying to get to work with her on an advertisement actually starred as Xiao BingBing's mother in a series back in the 1980s :) 
When asked upon whether or not Tia or Aaron would be against their child wanting to join the entertainment industry they both answered they would support their child. 
Aaron says "...if that is what my child desires to do, I will support him/her 100%." 
Tia though answered,"...I don't necessarily want to put my child in that position but if he/she really likes it, I will go over the sacrifices that come with it with him/her and if they choose to enter still I will support them." 

The two's chemistry has grown slowly since ep1, and many fans online or infront of the tv have been supporting them undyingly!
Keep watching <3



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