Monday, April 21, 2014

Jiro Wang's "Days in Japan"

Jiro has been blasting new feeds on his instagram! Haha 
regardless the star is having fun ^^

Here Jiro made an astonished face as he took a selfie with a poster of his favorite idol from Japan. 
Above this photo was originally a video of him on a ferry ride, but since fans were able to catch photos and place it into a image setting I'd decided to share it with everyone^^ I couldn't watch the video without laughing at his expressions. 

These collections of photos were of him on the streets and in the hotel room. And so lets stick em together to make sharing easier (lol Fans did this i did not)^^

The above photo is from weibo, but below is one off instagram. Jiro stands here with the crowd of people infrontof what seems to be a hotspot for tourism and culture for people visiting Japan. It looks like a shrine or older building of some sort (Wasn't mentioned exactly where) ^.^??
Enjoy the photos~~


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