Thursday, June 2, 2011


If ignoring a person is the best way for them to know that there is not gonna be anymore further relationship then being friends, will you do it?
after time and time, if the guy keep trying, but in the end, fail, because that girl is not willing to be his girl anymore, if you were that girl, what would u think ehh?
letting go of someone may be hard, but welcome to reality, if that person is not meant to be, then you have to move forward, it doesn't mean to completely erase him/her from your mind, its just facing reality. of course you can think of him/her from time to time, but learn that there's a limit, after you exceeded over that limit, you have to stop, because after pushing that limit, may cause you to fall hard.

Everyone makes mistakes, but if you fail, you gotta learn to get back up on your feet, and thats why in this world, there is such things known as BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE! :D ahah really, but anywho

Volleyball =]

Xiao Lin is gonna get to play with us! I'm so EXCITED! but i also wish for her to have LOTS of confidence, because i believe in her, i know she will pass her driver's license, remember practice makes perfect :) and also over-becoming a fear, can add lots of experience and knowledge

As for what i heard, sure someone wants to play, form a team to go against us, I'll admit, your pretty good at playing volleyball, no lie, but i just want to tell you that, as for our team, even if we loose when we play against you, know that we wanted to have fun, so thats why we played, wanted some time to hang out with friends, and play a sport that we all love, we may not be good at it, but as long as we had FUN! :) but im just saying, even though i dont know you well, i somewhat know you, and that counts. ahha, im not doubting out team XIAO LIN&XIAO MEI! im just SAYING! :D
we all have to JIA YOU! cause i want to play a good game :) ahhaha lolz

Xiao Mei !
you have to remember to COME BACK SOON!! :'( you cant let your mei mei all alone in the summer ehh?! and also WE GOTTA GO PLAY! come back SOON! so we can go PLAY VOLLEYBALL! and HANG OUT! :D im not kidding, dont let us wait long! really, waiting is a BURR! XIAO LIN&HAO MEI ARE WAITING TILL THE DAY U COME BACK!
we're so worried about u!so take care of yourself and  remember to EAT!
remember what we said, if u come back and ur twice as skinny, thennnnnnnnn WE'RE GONNA SHOVE FOOD/FAT up ur mouth, ahhaha nonono, its not a threat, its a friendly suggestion! HA!
wellz, this is it for now!
- <3 -

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  1. Hao mei! that's the spirit! wo ai ni! Best friends are forever...she is whatever!
    and as for xiao mei! you better come wei...wo men zhende xiang ni...these words can't even describe how much we miss you! xiao xin hao bu hao...and hao mei shuo de dui! about shoving food in your mouth...this is not just a friendly suggestion...its tough love!
    i love you two!
    ~xiao lin~