Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wu Chun Official Out of Fahrenheit-June 22,2011

HIM announced in an official statement on 22 June 2011 that Wu has left Fahrenheit and the group will continue as a trio! Since 2006 until 2011 Wu Chun has been part of HIM with Fahrenheit our hearts only four now we look and it seems as though they are not complete but no one should hold grudges because he hasnt left us entirely he will be there for us on the BIG SCREEN! Wu Chun your decision is final and the company has let you go and we as fan are even more sure now that Fahrenheit still will not disband but we also believe a TRIO can work!!! MALE VERSION of they can represent Fei Lun Hai these 3 character that actually mean nothing together in chinese(*note* Fahrenheit is wen du in chinese FLH was a homophone)
SIGMA now rising and Fahrenheit now taking on solos, and with S.H.E's recovering I wish HIM the best!

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