Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love Buffet-still the ultimate heart breaker-lil clip on the past

I've been thinking and thinking and I really want to know exactly which group has more if your following our blog or ever come across this please answer my question...
Who do you prefer in Love Buffet
AhYi and Xiao Feng or Da Ye and Xiao Feng
out of all dramas I've seen this is definetly the one that made my heart beat so much that I almost couldnt breathe, actually in Ep.5 or 6 I thought I was gonna go crazy b/c I couldnt see the next me crazy but the ending did kill it was the most random thing in the world did she end back up with Calvin*DaYe* No offense I love em both...I truthfully would want someone more like Aaron's character I guess the problem though was...1. AhYi is a nice guy who has a bad mouth lol  2. AhYi loves with full heart and never gets it back and 3. AhYi isnt Da Ye the first one Xiao feng fell for....hmmm okay sorry its just I see more AhFeng fans than DaFeng fans..(hehe petnames) wellz...sorry everyone but I watched this drama again and still went...BABUMPBABUMP...NO BREATHING...BABUMPBABUMP...NOOOOO!!!!
and I knew wat was coming....Xiaomei is so weird....Okay anyway if anyone who has followed this blog hasnt heard then heres something funny-----

Aaron-Calvin-Reen excahnge #s

Turns out when Love Buffet started shooting all the people on set exchanged numbers well when Aaron Yan Yalun and Reen Yu Hong Yuan exchanged numbers it turned out that they already had eachothers numbers! They later figured they had met before through one of Aaron's friends....oh and on set the director commented that the three are like they seem in the drama...playful Calvin and Aaron teasing Reen and her trying to get him back and Calvin/Aaron both picking on her...haha wat a happy trio...I wouldnt mind seeing these three again...but lets switch the storyline okay?:]

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