Sunday, June 12, 2011

Aaron Yan likes to wear larger size underwear then his size?!

the red underwear!?!?! to go with his hong(famous/red) album!
For support on his concert on the 9th of June his fans gave him a "RED UNDERWEAR" the reporters then asked it he minded and was the size was right for him...Aaron openly expressed that he actually wears a larger size then he is..."I wear a M in underwear but I buy L to its a habit."(LOL) Aaron made some fruit juice for his beloved lucky fans and has been given the name Taiwan's "Da Tian Wang" (Big Sky God) ...wondering if he feels really happy being know to have yea...*sorry cant write it* but anyhow he only replied..."Happy?...more like what Luo Zu Ren and Ho Da Ge(Peter Ho?!) said "Mom gave birth to me well!"...then he said he was glad to go to Korea again b/c Fahrenheit doesnt get to go there very often they brought up that when he doesnt talk he looks grumpy and unhappy Aaron came out and said " Really I think majority of the time I'm 80% happy!" Aaron Yan Concert on JUNE 11 Sucess!!!

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