Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The BEST Brother Ever is Aaron Yan Yalun

In the 8th month of this year aaron yan's little sister will be going to Europe to continue her studies and the best thing is b/c their parents are retired...Aaron is paying all of his sisters expenses...(Calling for Love?-drama=mikecharlene) anyway it just happens that Wu Ming Pei(arron's sister) has a similar haircut as Aaron and they admit she had it first....they were asked out of the main actress in Ji Mo Bao Zou or Serena Fang or Gui Gui they both admitted Gui Gui...
Her fashion is amazing and they both are close but she admits "My brother will only tell the main point."
Yalun you are a great brother!


  1. WOW! Does Aaron's sister go to Oxbridge(or IC whatever)? Apparently the school fees in UK are very expensive.