Sunday, June 19, 2011

Aaron Yan Yalun 6-11 Yi Chu Ji Fa Concert~touch and go concert Pics update

Yan Yalun showed up dressed handsomely in this full pitch black outfit...with the feeling again of someone who walked out of a manga...sorry but really he look to me like one of those superman idols here...hehe

He opened his concert this time showing us that ROCKER not only exist in his bandmate Jiro Wang's hand and heart but also his own...the music loving Aaron brought his Rocker to the stage!!!6-11

The mood was just perfect when the song "zui hou yi yen" "just one look" showed up and the special guest of the night Olivia Ong appeared....She complimented Aaron on how he looked so handsome that night Aaron hilariously answered "I know." (hahaha)

Aaron Yan Yalun and Junior Olivia Ong

Just One Look @ Aaron Yan and Olivia Ong

Later that night Aaron didnt stop his charming...he brought out his "Charming Prince" in White...playing his last song in the album-"The Truth That You Leave"


After this great concert Aaron Yan Yalun Admitted "I'm still feeling so excited!!! I finally acheived this dream!"
And those who have supported Aaron these past 5 years should also know that he has always had the dream of standing on the stage and singing to us...

Aaron Yan and his Behind the Scenes President...hehe lol funny story everyone should know already...

[from left to right]
yan yalun's sister, yan yalun's mother, Aaron Yan Yalun, yan yalun's grandmother, I havent seen the last man in this picture but i'm sure its his relative....

  炎亞綸你有加油!!! 我們都很愛你!!! 一觸即發成功!!!

***credits goes to***weibo,fb,yes entertainment

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