Saturday, June 11, 2011

The new picture

My friends shouldnt mind too much that I put my picture up...I sent it to Jiro on weibo(chinese twitter) but my responses were pretty good...I'm glad! anyhow though I would like to share that this picture is to bring back that memory of Fahrenheit during SUPERHOT when it came out! I feel that a lot of fans are worried about whether or not Fahrenheit will break up...I want to assure you we as fans give them the power to be together they are all grown MEN now...(well yalun's a kid at heart) however they made their choice to allow wu chun to go home and take care of his ill it wrong of Chun to care for family....NO! no matter how famous you are please think of your family it keeps you sane and human!!! So Fahrenheit no matter what will NOT disband I BELIEVE in then no MISUNDERSTANDING will get in the way of my SUPPORT for taiwan's hottest boyband!!!
so jia you flh!

xiao lin xie xie ni I'll jia you and do my best to fly us to taiwan!!!
friends are here for eachother I really hope one day we can all record together and I wanna tell you
"You are a special girl who cherishes more than I ever have so please look after yourself more, jie jie you always tell me to look after its your turn"

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  1. Dui le ni you jia you! Of course we should all record one day! and i'll