Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 11 anticipation

Well since June is here its only right if our blog post something new say a concert is about to happen like say that concert includes...our Beloved Winter Prince Arron Yan Yalun!!! He is gonna hold his concert for his new EP! The Next Yan Yalun (Xia Yi Ge Yan Yalun) He has held one other concert which was on his birthday 11/20/10 of last year this year he will be on the stage again and who knows what our beloved Prince will bring us...will it be his Cute expressions...his matured Voice....his Mezmerizing eyes or will it be The Next Aaron... A side all of us would of never have seen before...He intend to sing a few english songs also because 6 songs just isnt enough...performance shall include 1.Xia Yi Ge Wo (the next me) 2.Zhi Kan Jian Ni(I can see nothing but you) 3.Yi Chu Ji Fa(Touch and Go) 4.Hu Ran Zhi Jian ( Suddenly) 5.Zui Hou Yi Yan(Just one glance) 6.The Truth That You Leave(Piano) 7.Mad Day 8.Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You 9.Yellow....and possible songs are 1)Ru Guo Mei You Ni and some Fahrenheit songs...Who Knows We can only anticipate...everyone Wish Aaron all the Luck you can have!!!

Quote for Aaron:
"Those who sing songs with Heart&Passion hold the most amazing voice of all...."-李小美
Aaron Yan your voice is amazing....

***credit to:Aaron's Pudding***

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