Sunday, June 12, 2011


I want to believe, but you showed me not to
I want know so many things, but you dont tell me so
I want
I want..
But what about My need?
I need your support, So I can believe
I want to know, So I can improve
I need
I need...
for you to understand
not criticize,
but, i have fail ehh?
maybe in your eyes, i have failed to you, thats why, I quit trying,
but its okay, even if the whole world turns up against me,
I'm still me
everything i do, is simply my way, if you dont like it, then i wont try, so you will like me, cause there's no use changing, 4 someone.

Its b/c I'm not good enough
To everyone else, they praise me,
But I dont believe
Because, the person I want most to, doesn't, so I choose not to

Becareful, you can kill a person, by your actions & words

~Hao Mei 


  1. Jia You Wo De Mei Mei!
    ~Xiao Lin~

  2. Have you heard of self-confidence...honey I hate to say it rudely but sadly I'm not Xiao Lin so I wont think b4 saying this...MeiMei, you are a special girl there are a hundred peices of hair in your head and each one stands for a new obstacle...they are endless you pull one out you cut it doesnt it just grow back! Move Forward Jia Xiao Mei's MeiMei you have to be SELF-CONFIDENT! it comes with knowledge and pride in oneself! I 'BELIEIVE'in you so I dont care wat or why you wrote this U need to know that MeiMei be strong JieJie cant always be there for you when you fall even if I wish I could I know I cant but I can bless you from a distance and teach you to fall and stand (though I seem to fall more..heheXD)...xm