Monday, June 20, 2011

Hao Mei was HEre!

the saying
"it never hurts to ask"
i do not believe. I've asked and asked, at times, you never answer, then in the end, you say something i didn't expect, I once did believe that statement, when i was younger, but now i know, it does hurts to ask, depending on the subject, ha, i guess its life
what i don't want, i have but what i need, i don't have

I need an inspiration to play Volleyball !
Of course I am very excited to play and everything, :) totally cant wait, but sometimes when you sit down and think, you feel outta place, you know what i mean?

I also need to loose weight, yes i know xiao mei, and xiao mei
you guys can yell at me all u want, but i do feel, chubby then the rest of u ahah
HAO MEI'S just hanging in the corner

1 comment:

  1. eyyy...i know that you once believed it when you were young! but then i encourage you to keep believing it! i believe that good or bad everytime that you get the answer although it might not be the answer that you want it to be...and just something off subject you can learn from what it is...its an experience.
    jia you ok? i'm always here!