Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hao Mei !

ahhhhhhhh! whatever happened to my spiking skills! god, i know i suck, but what happened to them?! I must learn to get it back, practice, push forward! JIA YOU!
team members, i need team members, but the thing that really really sucks, is Xiao Mei wont be here, 4 not even 50% of the practices, -___- also jeanine! I wonder if i can take on, Captain is not even gonna be here, weishema wo?
I'm not good enough to lead the team! but you know what? b/c of something my mind told me, i will push forward :) cause whoever that person, that wants to form a team against us, ni jia you, b/c my will power is growing haha!

please get well, i know im not the best daughter, not good at everything, like you want me to be, but please get better, no 1 can replace my you mommy, today, what u said in the car, hit me hard, but i rather not think about that! because i know, my mom, is a strong lady, she'll get through this, and get well, cause she's my mom, and idc what u say!

Something has been bothering me lately..but idk, i know something is, but idk what that thing is...
*sigh* for get it

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