Friday, June 17, 2011

Wu Zun out of FAHRENHEIT!!!

The bad news has arrived Yan Yalun (Aaron) not wanting the media to change anything came out himself and spoke to the public at a movie premeire that Chun Wu Zun was no longer in Fahrenheit...he expressed even though it will be new to have only 3 on the stage instead of 4 the power of 3 is different and excellent still in its own way....
The news may take Fahrenheit's fans a while to accept but...Chun's father isnt doing very well and he is very happy with his career even though we wont see him with his brothers in the next album but we can anticipate Chun's booming career in the Movies...and who knows he may make it real big and end up in the states....!<3....
As wu zun's Angels...Chunnie we love you and will always love you...If you are a real FLH/Chun fan you will support their decisions...I support you all...forever only my heart I know I will love you more and more Fahrenheit-飛輪海 加油加油加油!!!

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