Monday, June 20, 2011


Time, Time can simply change it all
In a matter of time, you can be somewhere else, far far away
Far away 4rm the pple you love and cherish
but do the pple whom known you for life really do cherish you?
does it seam to you, like they take you for granted?
Family is a big part of life, yes, you can love them a lot, they mean a lot to you, but at times, you take them for granted huh?
Being taken for granted, is not fun, and not at all
It hurts

It seams like everything, they want you to do, and it seams like that to you to
when you do something wrong
you get blamed
when they do something wrong to you
all the can simply say is sorry, or not even say is at all
at times, you want to disapear, but you know you cant
you have to move forward

do you believe in the statement, "some were just meant to be alone"??

I wish i could lock away my tears, if only i knew how
I wish i wasn't so soft heart-ed  
I wish i could do things better to suit your liking
I wish, I wish,
its only words,
But thanks you, for letting me learn
for everything
I know I'm not good enough for you,
But I'm simply me,
ha, I'll try my best
But i'm only HUMAN,
i can only do so much
forgive me, cause im not #1
my efforts went to waste, but i hope some will stay, if only...

~Huang Hao Mei


  1. Huang Hao Mei your okay the way...its seem--seam...oh and you and xiao lin should stop thinking for a while...actually your 15 right now, so your gonna go through a totally scary change, prepare for it b/c I wasnt ready when it hit me, I didnt say a word when it took its toll, and now I can only do what I can to live past it, that is I dont care about the things around me i dont let others thoughts get to me, and I only side with what I feel is right for you me, huang hao mei you are stronger than I a fact i'll live down one day so jia you!!! jie jie ai ni

  2. mei mei,
    that statement i do think it true and i think its false...being alone is controlled by choose who you are...and whether things are good or are the one to except it in those to views...negative or positive...everything happens for a reason...your ganna have to face the truth...with is not perfect!
    jia you ok? xiao lin ai ni! mei mei! always here supporting you! try to stay strong if you can...