Friday, June 17, 2011

Hao Mei Jia You

When you fell SHE helped you up
If you ever needed something SHE was there
Everytime you were sick SHE took care of you
Through the years you tend to not think of HER
There will be times you can not stand the sight of HER
Occasionally you dont want to hear HER voice
But you know deep inside you SHE is your one and only loving

I know you know well how important she is to you and even if you dont know it your mother is HECKA STRONG honey so dont worry too much b/c sadly I KNOW that Huang Hao Mei's Mama will never fall till the day she sees her daughter having her own family and she is all old and wrinkly to the point where she cant even say "Do the Laundry" without taking big breathes in between YOUR MOM is a SUPERMOM I want to say....

HAO MEI JIA YOU:] not only is she gonna be healthy forever but she will be with you forever<3

my beloved mei mei, please let me know when I can talk to you again....I miss you and I wish you and your mother well...forever loving you XiaoMei jie jie....

thank you for caring about me jie jie....I will be fine dont worry too like to think and it makes you unhappy so...I wish you a thoughtless SUMMER~! Ai Ni oh~!<3

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