Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wu Chun returns for Event in Kaohsiung Calvin Host

Wu Chun hasn't returned to Taiwan in a while, but when it comes to helping out to show Taiwan to other fans from other parts of Asia, he is always happy to help.
This time it was even something he was great at, as a matter of fact he was there for food haha.

Calvin also was present that day hosting for Wu Chun, so plenty of Calvin Chun fans from all over Asia were present that day. For this event though Calvin also didn't forget to wish Wu Chun an early Happy Birthday - no cake but who needs it when you Kaohsiung's shaved ice dressed with fresh fruits and sweet condensed milk.

Fans also got to go onto stage and enjoy the delicacies being fed from Wu Chun, as he highly recommended everything. Chun also made the statement "I really like their papaya milk here too."  He made statements as to how he used to use the comfort of Kaohsiung delicacies to fill his stomach whenever he missed home or if he was unwell during the days he didn't know many people.

Chun exclaimed: "Especially during the days when I was stranded here doing shooting, I loved going out and finding all the good foods at the night markets or the small restaurants in this area. There is so much food here in Kaohsiung everyone should try".

Calvin also knowing about Taiwan's delicacies located Kaohsiung reminded everyone before returning home that day to go out and explore this city some more for more good foods and enjoy the small eaterys located around every corner. 

The two brothers departed afterwards but Calvin happily expressed he was glad to see Chun once again and reminded Chun to bring NeiNei. (Uncle Calvin misses her) 

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  1. :) love watching their interactions. i love how he made chun sing hai zai xia tian ne xD

    1. IKR, he was like here.
      Chun cannot do anything without Calvin Wifey haha I remember those old fan fictions about them. :D