Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Aaron & S.H.E (100%Ent) news coverage Vogue edition

WATCH the news coverage Here

VOGUE- invited many artist to their vogue event of which Aaron Yan and S.H.E also made an appearance. On stage and off stage though are two different things- off stage we all know how goofy these four can really be.

S.H.E instantly opened up to say that today was all about dressing up as another character. But later Selina laughly said "...the only one who remember though was ella, she is a pirate today."
Ella proud of her stylish and handsome attire restated quickly that she was missing something "Guys, look at this outfit do you see what is missing? ...I don't have pockets I realized earlier when I was posing for photos!" She positions to show how she used her pants as the pocket slots due to not having one.

Later S.H.E and Aaron were surprised by being tested on how well they can model, considering they've all been used on Vogue's front cover before. Selina quickly replied that "Everyone starts from hurting.." (not literally hurting but faking a pain and touching it to appear more attractive in this sense)

Each one of them showed up types of hurting : hebe and selina showing upperbody pains and Aaron then jumping showing the wide eye look- everyone joined in to look long eyed.

YLBFB wasn't done yet tho, they started to give props to the four individuals and told them to do a 3pose set for each object. S.H.E screaming at the sight of the different props given out- but the missions was completed (watch the video to see). 

When asked upon Calvin, Aaron only said he is no longer replying on this issue, and that he does congratulate Calvin on his new album. Then the reported asked about the two working together, Aaron laughing awkwardly said "We don't exactly sing the same, plus he sings underwater I'm scared I'll just drown I'm not that great."

Hebe quick to react : "He can record something with me! I shot all my photos this time for promotions underwater, and I had be splashed by water for past mvs."
Aaron then said : "and you went all the way to Greenland to shoot your Mv on water!" 
Hebe laughing stated she was a water goddess so Calvin can work with her; then she looked at Aaron and said "Hurry and say thank you to me." 

VOGUE night ended deep with fashion high humor. 



  1. What were they asking him about Calvin that he wouldn't want to reply?

    1. apparently aaron had an interview in which he said that he and Calvin are not really good friends, that the only person in Fahrenheit that still contacts him is wu chun or something like that... to which calvin said that it's only that they don't have time to hang out together, that they're friends but not close.

    2. Ah. People get hung up on the silliest things. Just because you work with someone doesn't mean you have to be life-long buddies. Whether they just don't have time or just don't click shouldn't make any difference.

    3. It is about that issue that is stated, but I chose to not talk about it on the blog. It's very negative and personally I am tired of trying to convince ppl who believe in the negative. I want this blog to stay positive and supportive. We love them for their music, their talents and their efforts and I will continue to support that type of artist. \

      (the issue got out of hand, and I dislike dealing with fans who go anti bc of rumors)
      Calvin did clear though Aaron stated "We are not the BEST of friends." he didn't say "we are not friends" ...
      one word BIG Difference.

  2. hahaha xD hebe jie helping aaron cover up. SHE is hilarious, and of course so is aaron xDDD although i feel sort of sad on the whole calvin/aaron issue, i have to laugh at aaron's drowning comment.

    1. Yes hebe is so sweet here, she must understand his pressure bc SHE had the same issues once. Love em both.