Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Calvin Chen on TVBS Golden Music Awards

Watch Calvin have fun with the HOST

Sadly due to some implications with H.I.M we are yet to find a link to the live version of Calvin's dance performance to "it's still summer", H.I.M won't let it leak out yet so we'll have to wait and see- maybe the next mv will have it :D hehehe who knows!

Regardless Calvin and JiaoGe (the host) are old friends and knowing Calvin the first complaint is... "Who come last time when Aaron came, he got to have Janet touch him everywhere and I don't?.." then he laughs and says "I guess I'll have to give this job to you Jiao Ge."

Then Jiao Ge reminds him that today he is not just a host, or a comedian he is suppose to be an artist and for him to find his idol baggage! haha So cute~!

Regardless Jiao Ge did praise Calvin on his well built new body, and that he was very impressed that now even all of them (frh) have such nice body's to be proud of.

Calvin Chen's song "its still summer" remains still on the charts on no.8! This was last weeks performance when he was no.10!


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