Monday, October 27, 2014

[Event] Send Your Blessings To Calvin

Come one, Come all! Come and join our event! What event? Calvin's blessing event! As long as your following us on our blog, Facebook pages, or the Fahrenheit Account, you have the ability to post your blessings. When posting your blessing for Calvin, please make sure that you are posting it in an event or message to one of the admins or message to one of the pages. 

Everyone should know that for the past two months September, was the month that Calvin came out with his album "還在夏天呢" "It's Still Summer." well one of the most important things I would like to draw everyone's attention to this event is if you join this event you will have a chance of winning Calvin's album. So what are you waiting for? Join Now!

If there are further questions of confusions, feel free to ask. ^_^
-Xiao Lin

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