Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wu Chun and Family Celebrates Birthday

Lucky for Wu Chun, him and NeiNei share a birthday. Lucky for Mrs.Wu her and Max share a birthday...Lucky for the family it just happens that their birthdays are set up : 
"Wu Chun & NeiNei- 10.10"
"Mrs.Wu & MAX-10.11"

Yup, that's right so why celebrate separately, actually if you all didn't know before Wu Chun spent a lot of effort to make sure all the birthdays would fall onto the same days. 
Wu Chun even asked off from the company so that this year he could go home and celebrate with his whole family! Look at all that cake of course only many close friends were invited but it was a "FROZEN" themed birthday party regardless for little NeiNei who turned 4 this year. 

Dressed as Elsa, though no photos of Max were shown - it makes one wonder did Chun make him OLAF? or a little Superman? 


late post but still full year of blessing for their family. 

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