Friday, October 10, 2014

Calvin- Sharing is Caring

His new album is released and he has always had a lot of friends, plus sharing is caring so why not lend it all out.

Releasing two different type of the same album Calvin has been busy, but not too buy. Still had time to join Dylan Kuo work out and give him some albums to share!

Eh...look at that! It's Romantic Princess all over again. I recall seeing these two for the first time they were just so sweet and simple. Well they both have released their new albums so it's only right to share. Plus Calvin always finding reasons to meet up with such pretty girls (just kidding or am I) haha. Genie was very happy to see Calvin again too.

This next artist I am not very familiar with her but she released a photobook I believe and Calvin came as a friend to promote and support her along with sharing his album. (cough cough pretty lady) 


have you got your album or are you waiting to join our contest!

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