Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SS小燕之夜 和炎亞綸最親近的女人!SS XiaoYan Night "Aaron Yan's closest women"

LINK TO 2014.10.02 SSXiaoyanziye show

Aaron Yan made an appearance on Xiao Yan's show with 3 very important woman to him. They've impacted his life in different ways and these 3 women each have a different meaning to him.

No.1 is Mommy Yan (Mommy Wu) : she is the one I've been closest with so I fear her the most, plus I cannot control her when she is talking. Also Xiao Yan congratulated her on the marriage of her daughter Wu Ming Pei, mommy yan was very happy "They both have little dimples!" Aaron being an older brother said "Later in life their children will have four little dimples too."

Xiao Yan states that also so between the next two ladies who are about to come out who is stands up and speaks for you the most...? Aaron replies "Tia.. she recently has been standing up for me a lot." Xiao Yan then asked "..so the other one?" Aaron laughs and then replies, " She is like a little sister, very naughty and mischievous." 

No.2 Beatrice Fang: The little sister who appeared in high heels she stated that "Little sister is a little chubby, so now she has to wear heels to pull out the length."

Afterwards Xiao Yan looks at Aaron then approaches him with the question..."Both dramas Just You and Fall in Love With Me, have been very successful...so between Puff Kuo and Tia Li who did you enjoy shooting with more?" Aaron awkwardly laughs then replies "She is here, can I say another person also it's different Puff is more outgoing and Tia is more slow to warm up."
Xiao Yan then attacks him on the fact that he chose to use Lena, and Puff in the "NoCut" MVs but how come no Tia... Aaron says "She is in my This is Not Me MV, how could I forget her."

Xiao Yan ask Tia upon her appearance how she has gotten so much skinner, and Tia said "Yes probably because I am so busy now."  She was then asked upon her sickness. Tia replied "I am much better now, no more headaches all thanks to Aaron."
Xiao yan then smiles and Aaron replies "Dad is a doctor so its quite useful, he helped Tia out."

Later in the show Aaron and Xiao Yan chat upon how MommyYan likes to drink red wine by herself, and often when she is drunk it he knows instantly by how she speaks.
Aaron :  She always says "my son you are so handsome, do you know that you're very handsome." or she will keep kissing me non stop.

It was also discovered that Aaron loved to bully his sister, but he said "I never knew why I did it. But it wasn't out of hatred, it was probably because my mother paid more attention to me and whenever I bullied my sister she could get attention too...so maybe it was to share it or to see how long my mom would help my sister I don't know haha"

During this time Beatrice then tells a story of how Aaron does bully her too.
SUBBED VERSION of this portion

Also later on Beatrice talks about how Aaron was her ideal boyfriend, when she was a big fan of Fahrenheit.
SUBBED VERSION of this portion

enjoy I apologize too busy I cannot subbed the whole episode



  1. That's cute. They just loves asking awkward questions, don't they?! ;)

    1. Always, the more awkward the higher the ratings.
      There was even one part when Tia and Aaron talked about a scene they kissed over 12 times and Aaron was like "I have no fears."