Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Calvin Chen appears on Showbiz

Calvin Chen makes an appearance on ShowBiz, hosted by MC40 and NaDou today. 
He performed "Ai Lai Wu Yang" live then jumps into the many different topics of the MV itself- the female actress they chose to use Joanne Ceng, and also how the MV was shot.

Calvin talked about how half was shot in Dubai while the other portion with Joanne was shot in Taiwan. 
Its a simple storyline, we are ex-lovers and her boyfriend currently maybe isn't treating her very well, so she calls me to come help her move because she wants to leave behind all this sadness. After helping her clean everything though I realize she has kept our photos and then towards the ending I get to choose whether or not to answer the phone. Its an open ended story because no one gets to see if I answered it or not. 
Later on into the show they also chat a bit about how Calvin went to Japan to hold a mini fans concert with the fans in Japan. Calvin talked about how he would go every year to see the fans and have a fans party as an actor/host but this time he is a singer so it has to be different. 
I wanted to make a change so I insisted on a mini-concert. I performed 20 songs and hal of them were japanese, some from Fahreheit's old singles too.

Calvin also stated that if the sales are good they intend on celebrating with a mini congratulations fans party. So fans get to determine the close contact with him.


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