Monday, October 27, 2014

A sweet story of a man named "won dong cheng" not "wang dong cheng"

If you all know and understand him, then you know his story. He may look like a hottie, a narcissist, a manly young man, a little boy even at times, he appears careless but is always working hard.
His name is Jiro Wang (wang dong cheng) but on one day while going out for a ride on his bike, his name became "won" dong cheng and not wang dong cheng... this little name though is filled with meaning.

Jiro was front page news when it was discovered this name came to life, not for Jiro. It came to life from a elderly grandma whom had been working hard to grow fruits and sell them by the little basket on the side of the roads.

Now the question takes place, Jiro had left the house that day for a normal cruise, he didn't shave, didn't have a mask or glasses on. He figured no one would recognize him.

"I saw her sitting there so I decided to stop and help buy the rest of the fruit so she could go home. I didn't expect her to notice who I was."
Jiro was in shock when the grandma took a glance at him and with a warm taiwanese accent said "Aren't you WONG dong cheng?"

Jiro bought his fruits, and returned home- overjoyed that he met with such an amusing situation just because he had decided to stop and buy fruits.

Jiro's weakest point is elder people, he doesn't believe they should work so hard and that it is the task of us as children to love and care for our families regardless of anything. 
So remember to just cherish time and say "I love you" to your parents once in a while.


(love story of the day)


  1. Very sweet story - and like you said, what we would expect from him. It's why we're fans! ^_^

  2. He's the sweetest and most charming man... YOU'RE THE BEST JIRO!!!!!