Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ai Lai Wu Yang- Calvin Chen finds rumored girlfriend Joanne Zeng

Watch MV here *CLICK*

Watch the video above. 

This song is personally one of my favorites in his album. It shows Calvin's natural soft nature in his voice-making it an upbeat but still soothing piece.
Calvin this time invited Joanne to star as his MV actress.  The chemistry between the two is amazing, no wonder they were once rumored together.
Also a sweet story real quick over the Love Buffet days when Calvin and Joanne had already shot all their scene but then when shooting got delayed they has to switch the female lead.
Joanne and Calvin had started shooting their scenes first due to Calvin needing to go shoot MoMo love with Jiro&Cyndi. Those 5months of shooting no one will ever see; but Calvin somehow has those five months worth of episodes at home on a hard drive saved away. Ambiguous relationships... you tell me hehe But regardless these two have a great friendship and the chemistry shows onscreen. 

Amazing simple love storyline too, so relax and enjoy! 



  1. LOVE the song, love the MV.... and i think they look good together.... :)

    1. Evidently she just signed into H.I.M too! I'm totally okay with these two being together.