Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vogue- Tia Li joins Aaron Yan

Tia: Aaron is so handsome here:D (IG)

(While on the red carpet)

(hmm...I wonder what they are talking about...)

(photo time)

-late update-

I thought I uploaded these guess I didn't but when vogue did their annual vogue runway event for fashion party... artist like Aaron Yan, S.H.E, Tia Li, and many other individuals showed up for the event!

Tia also happened to be wearing the same color as Aaron, the two also uploaded loads of photos of one another (above are a few)! 

Aaron and Tia walked the red carpet together and even were seated together, fans who were able to get into the event were overly excited to see Tao Le Si and Lu Tian Xing reunited :D


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