Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jiro appears at cosplay/anime convention

A big cosplay/anime convention was being held in Taiwan and of course this guy wasn't going to miss out. Lately he was been booming up on IG with his different styles and no one knows yet about this year what Halloween style he is going for... last year was thor, he has worn batman, he has become one piece, and for this convention he dressed as an assasin's creed character.

Jiro not wanting to attract too much attention, chose an outfit that would blend it but I mean it's hard if you're a Jiro fan at the convention to not notice who he was haha. Regardless many of the stalls owners that day (perhaps jiro fans haha) secretly took some photos of him and thanked him for not appearing too clear as himself for fear of a ruckus.

The news of Jiro's appearance there was not yet known till he had left and posted the photos. Below are a list of photos taken there by him and by standby stall keepers.

Jiro vs Olaf&Elsa
Jiro Wang 

Jiro Wang taken by stall keeper
Jiro posing for a photo 

Jiro and Japanese Powerranger

Jiro and Monkey King

Jiro vs Naruto

Personally on a little note: He looks to be happy and having so much fun.



  1. My husband loves that game. That's a good costume!

  2. he really likes cosplay, huh? lol. i share lots of similar interests with jiro~ im an otaku too!

    1. Sure does, he used to be in the manga club during high school too