Wednesday, May 18, 2011


How's everyone doing lately? Hoping that you guys don't work too hard!
Just wanted to check up on you guys!
Well, there's been a lot of things going through my mind!
A lot of best friend stuff...wondering if there's anyone there in my world already.
I've been feeling mixed emotions lately.
But then,
Jiro is shooting in Absolute Boyfriend!(OMG!) Jia you!
I'd like to say Jia You to you all.
Jia You!
Huang Hao Mei!
Li Xiao Mei!
(wo zhi dao na ni zuo bu dao! but then Jia you! shi mei you guan xi shen me shi hou wo men jue nan guo...mei ge ren you ta men de times...hao bu hao!)

~Tang Xiao Lin~

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