Monday, May 23, 2011

how is everyone doing?..

how is everyone doing? i havent been on in the longest time ever
im doing okayish, not that well, but right now as im sitting here typing this, im also begging myself, my teachers to let me go, on the last day of school, to let me go see my cousin 4 the last time, my week has been sooo busy, i've learned so many things this month, but there are some things i miss, and will miss, but i want my cousin to R.I.P and if there is really next life time, i want to met him again, i've cried for you, I'd making a slide show for you, stayed up nights making it just 4 you,even when i had school the nest day and also because i was asked to by some1 special to you, but in the end, my slide-show for you, just got threw out, went down the drain, because a cousin showed up, and took over, im noting bragging or anything, but the pple who saw my slideshow like mines better....a lesson learned 4 me? i think so, being taken 4 granted, is not every nice, but ey, its not the first time that is happened to hao mei right?  im sry Cousin, Rest In Peace, and dont worry about your parents, true familys are there for each other, even when 1 is left out, some1 will remember....

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